Health Funds and Bowen Therapy/Reflexology

So it is finally happening….from 2019 private health insurance will no longer cover some natural therapies – with Bowen Therapy and Reflexology being included on this list.  It’s been a long time coming;  I think it first was bandied around in 2012.  This is not to say that the relevant associations for these therapies will not be trying to keep our modalities being recognised, however it is hard to fight a fight that requires a great deal of money, time energy, research etc.  Most of us who are in working in complementary therapies are here because at some stage we have benefited greatly from them.  We know firsthand the power of them.  While I can’t speak for everyone’s personal experience, I can tell you that from my own experience Reflexology made inroads into my health when western medicine was keeping me stuck in the same place.  It was only when I choose to ‘look outside the square’ that my life starting moving forward again.

So fast forward that to now, and I am running a Wellness Clinic offering Bowen Therapy, Reflexology and Counselling 2 days a week plus helping out on our family farm.  My life is very busy and my passion is helping people understand that they have a choice in their health care – my purpose is to inspire, empower and promote health and healing.  My mission is to help people help themselves.  My vision is a place where people are encouraged to make informed choices around their healthcare, and to take an active part in their healing.

I am like so many other of my colleagues – we know from our experiences what has helped us, and what is possible, and we believe in giving people options.  We just want to get on and do this, and we can’t do both.

I understand that western medicine is based on science and that is why they require loads and loads of research, data, double blind trials etc.  What I can’t understand it why don’t they listen to those that are in the profession who have seen many positive results of what we do?  The first obvious one that springs to mind is Dr David Joske who is the founder of SolarisCare, which offers complementary therapies to cancer patients and their carers.  He has been described as a “revolutionary thinker , with a drive to improve medicine”  (you can watch his TED talk here) .

However, at the end of the day it is important to remember you have a choice about your health care.  While not being able to claim on your health insurance may be a deterrent, will that be enough to sway your thinking?

While you may not be able to claim you can be assured that I will still be keeping my membership current with my relevant associations Bowen Therapists Federation of Australia  and Reflexology Association of Australia.  I will still be updating my skills each year to meet the requirements to be a registered provider, and I will still be offering you the best service I can, and that you deserve.

Sometimes because something is more expensive, it is not a good reason to not buy it:  I just visited Fiji and water was more expensive than soft drink – does that mean I should drink the soft drink?