About Our Services


How does it work?

Reflexology work because your body is amazing – it is a self regulating and self healing organism – and all I do is provide the right environment for the healing to take place.

Your body is controlled by your nervous system – your brain sends messages down the spinal cord to every part of your body,  and your body sends messages back to your brain.  This works perfectly well until there is a breakdown in communication.  The cause of this could be physical (accidents/falls, not sleeping properly, not walking regularly, sitting all day, lifting incorrectly, repetitive movement), chemical (not enough water, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, processed foods, medications) or mental/emotional (worry, fear, anxiety, anger, unhappiness, lack of purpose, unfulfilled dreams/goals).

The aim of Reflexology is to get this mind/body communication back on track, and therefore promoting a return to wellness.

How often and how many sessions?

While the answer to this varies from person to person, as a general rule,  I would like to see you weekly for 6 weeks for any chronic condition.  After this initial group of sessions we will review your progress and either continue with the weekly sessions if needed, or move  onto maintenance care.

Maintenance Care

Once we have worked together to solve the initial reason for your visit, it is important to re-book for maintenance care.

The reason for this is to catch those little niggles & aches and pains before they have a chance to take hold and land you back at square one again (which will have you coming back again weekly to get you back on track….and as much as I would love to see you weekly I know you are far too busy for that! 🙂 )

And besides, clients that keep up their maintenance care experience a  more enhanced sense of well being AND less recurrence of old injuries.

What qualifications do you have?

Practitioner in Reflexology

RLD Practitioner

Certified Foot Reading Practitioner

Why consider counselling?

People come to counselling for many reasons, and many people see counsellors and you would never know.  Counselling helps with clarity in many situations, from helping with decision making to seeking strategies to cope with a situation.  The common goal is to find solutions, feel better and be happier.

How often and how many sessions?

Counselling is different for everyone, and the number of sessions will be unique to every individual.  Weekly sessions are generally recommended.

How are the sessions delivered?

Sessions can be:

  • Face to Face (currently unavailable due to COVID 19)
  • Online via Zoom (LIVE video session)
  • Online via Zoom (LIVE audio only session)
  • Online via Zoom (Instant Chat)
  • Phone
  • Email

This service is only delivered in Australia.

What do I need for online therapy?

A secure internet connection, a computer, tablet or a device which has a camera, microphone, maybe a set of headphones, and secluded space where you wont be interrupted or heard.

Maybe if your internet connection is not the best, email counselling might be an option for you.   A secure email account such as ProtonMail is recommended for your privacy.

Do I need a special app to do online counselling?

No, I will send you a link that will take you directly to Zoom.

Do I pay before I have my session?

Yes, online sessions are required to be paid for in advance via direct deposit or credit card.

Face to Face sessions can be paid at the time of the session, though it is preferable to pay in advance to allow our session to be solely devoted to you.

What if I need to cancel?

If you have a genuine emergency that prevents you from attending your session, please contact me immediately.  Otherwise, cancelling or rescheduling requires 24 hours notice.  The full fee may be charged if 24 hours notice is not given.

What if I am running late for my appointment?

If possible phone/text to let me know.  You appointment time will finish at the scheduled time so as not to encroach on my next client’s time.

Do I need a referral from my Doctor?

Carol Lee Therapies is a private practice and is unable to bulk bill or offer Medicare rebates.

Putting the Mental Health Care Plan into perspective:

A Mental Health Care plan allows you to see a therapist for 6 – 10 sessions while claiming the ‘gap’.  If you require further consultations you will have to pay their full fee.  Additionally, after the first 6 sessions you are required to report back to your doctor to see if you qualify for the additional 4 sessions.

Some questions which may be helpful in your decision may be:

  • Do I want a diagnosis of mental illness permanently on my record – (for a Mental Health Care Plan to be issued a diagnosis of mental illness must be noted)
  • Do I want to have a say in the counsellor I see – if you feel comfortable with your counsellor and share a good relationship it will be more likely to lead to a positive result for you
  • What if the counselling approach used by the counsellor is not one that I can relate to?
  • What if I need more than 6 or 10 sessions?  Am I able to pay the full fee?  If not, am I prepared to start again with someone else?

I’d love to come but I’m worried someone will see me

This is one of the greatest challenges I face working in a small country town.  To offer you comfort in this I can advise you that I also practice reflexology from the same building.  If someone did notice you enter they would be none the wiser as to which service you have availed of 🙂

Online therapy may be an option to consider also.

What if I see you down the street?

Again, living in a small community, the likelihood of seeing each other at the post office or in IGA are there.  If you choose to acknowledge me, I will respond.  Otherwise, I will continue on my way.

What qualifications do you have?

Diploma of Counselling

Certificate in CBT for Depression (Beck Institute)

Certificate in CBT for Anxiety (Beck Institute)

Certificate in ACT for Depression & Anxiety (Dr Russ Harris)

Australian Online Therapy Training – Level 2 Advanced (AOTT)