About Me

Mind Body Balance

Hello, and welcome 🙂

My interest in reflexology was sparked over 20 years ago, during my second bout of post natal depression.  After feeling first hand the effects of reflexology on my mind & body, I knew in that moment that I needed to study the modality.  I wanted to share with others what the body is capable of when given the right environment.

I will always be grateful to my friend who introduced me to reflexology.  In that moment everything changed.  I felt I had a options for moving forward, whereas before the only ‘choice’ was medication.  In that moment of finding reflexology I felt inspired, and I felt empowered.  I felt I was back in charge of my life.

My aim is not to say you will never take any medication again, my aim is to empower your to make informed choices around your healthcare, and to take an active part in your healing – no one else has a greater interest in your well-being than you.

I am a member of the Reflexology Association of Australia (RAoA) and Association of Reflexologists UK (AOR), also a member of Bowen Therapists Federation of Australia (BTFA), and a  qualified Foot Reader (trained with The Foot Whisperer Reflexology Institute).

I pride myself on my ability to help my clients feel comfortable and validated, tailoring therapy to meet the needs of each individual.

Please contact me if you would like to work with me.  I’d love to hear from you.